Movement Theatre

Movement for Actors & Musicians

Overview of Janice’s theatre and music training
In the 1960s and 70s Janice studied acting with Jack Medhurst, mime with Rudy Lyn and clowning with Jango Edwards, Katie Duck and Pigeon Drop (Holland/USA). Her professional studies continued with Yoshi Oda (theatre Japan/France), Teresa Keija Kim (Tadashi Suzuki theatre technique Japan/Korea), Gardzience Theatre Association (physical theatre Poland), Michelle George (voice Canada), and David Smukler (voice Canada). Classical music studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto include piano, harmony and theory, and Renaissance and Baroque recorder (solo & ensemble).  

Movement Workshops  
Janice’s multidisciplinary background informs all of her artistic endeavors. She is comfortable with traditional and experimental theatrical settings, reading musical scores, sonic improvisation, and buffoonery.

As a movement coach she enters through participants’ comfort zone (spoken word for actors, sound/resonance for musicians) and invites them to explore and revisit basic movement concepts using organic and conceptual structures designed to deepen spatial and anatomical awareness, increase muscular control and articulation of gesture and full bodied movement, and expand participants’ non-verbal expressive vocabulary and connectivity to the viewers and amongst fellow performers.

Workshops and coaching are available at:
Introductory levels to develop physical awareness and movement confidence. Fundamental levels to enhance performance dynamics and strengthen cohesion between ensemble members.
Movement analysis focusing on a specific text, scene or characters.
Performance coaching focusing on stage presentation for musicians.  


Photos by Janice Pomer & Barry Prophet