Dance Creation

Overview of Dance Creation Experience
Janice has been creating solo and ensemble dance and movement based multidisciplinary performance pieces for over 35 years.

As co-founder of Jabberwock Full Theatre Co. Janice and Kay Purdy created and performed five touring shows combining dance, mime, and storytelling for school and festival audiences across central and eastern Canada, 1980  - 1985.

In 1985 Janice choreographed 4 solo dance pieces for Projections/Reflections the first of six touring shows created in collaboration with Barry Prophet incorporating the music and visual/kinetic presence of Barry’s micro-tonally tuned percussion performance sculptures: Ring Chamber, Glass Box, Revolving Tone Door, Transparent Tone Arch, and Barry’s other instrument creations including sets of Glass Lithophones, and Bamboo Quiver a wearable, organic, rhythm and textural sonic generator that comes to life through the wearer’s actions and full bodied manipulation. Each touring show featured Janice’s solo dance pieces and musical duets with Janice joining Barry on percussion or wind instruments. Some shows included musical guest artists including Ben Grossman percussion, David Prentice violin, Barbara Morrison piano, and David Jaeger on electronics.  

Janice is currently focusing her energy on writing, teaching, supporting the choreography of emerging dancers, coaching, and creating dances for others.
Recent projects include:
Dance dramaturge/artistic advisor for Dusk Dances, Haliburton, 2011, 2012
Dance commission for Sanskriti Arts Ensemble 2012   
Rehearsal director for Krima, an Across Oceans production involving more than 100 dancers from the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area. 2009   
Choreography and co-coordinator of Dances of Offering annual benefit school and public concerts raising thousands of dollars each year for non-profit organizations helping children and youth locally and globally. Choreographic contributor 2002 – 20010, producer and choreographer 2011 - 2012.  

Janice choreographs and facilitates the creation of movement pieces for schools, dance studios, art centres and multigenerational community groups.


Photos by Barry Prophet & Janice Pomer