Dance Education

Janice’s teaching methodology is a vibrant blend of technical acquisition, creativity, musicality, performance dynamics and dramatic expression designed to support the individual’s artistic journey of discovery and growth. 

Classes and workshops for children and youth
Janice runs the Contemporary dance program at Pegasus Studios in Toronto, ON. As a guest artist educator she creates and implements dance programs for elementary and secondary schools and post secondary institutes throughout Ontario. Janice is on the Ontario Arts Council’s Artists In Education roster, a program that supports the work of artists in schools and communities across the province. She travels across Canada and internationally offering workshops for movers of all ages and all levels of ability, performing artists and educators.
Workshops for Educators
Professional Development workshops are available for:
Generalist/elementary classroom teachers
ESL and special needs teachers – elementary and secondary levels
Dance specialists - elementary and secondary levels
Drama specialists - elementary and secondary levels
Early Childhood Educators

Student and Teacher comments about school visit programs.
The students were engaged the moment they met her. Janice provided them with the opportunity to explore their own limits as they stretched and explored variations of movement structures…it was an opportunity for students to not only focus on developing their creativity, but also develop problem-solving, decision making, cooperative learning and discipline skills so necessary for a well rounded individual. Elementary school principal

I feel like I was challenged this week by reaching into the farthest corners of my imagination and creating all sorts of shapes and movements.  Grade 10 student

This program gave all my students an opportunity to experience success and to express themselves freely without the limitations of conventional written language…My educational assistant and I could be seen with tears of pride in our eyes, tears brought about by a few students who were really expressing themselves (joyfully!) for the first time! Grade 7 Special Education Teacher

When I first came into your class I thought you were out of it, but as we got further into your classes I found out you were neat. Your classes made me feel like I was in a dream world, I wouldn’t change anything. If I had the chance I’d do it again. Grade 7 Student

Since the classes began I’ve been dancing at home. I haven’t been feeling stressed out or worrying about things either…I always thought dance was symmetrical – you know step by step, in sequence. Now I realize dance can be anything you want it to be, even just walking down the street in a rhythm.
Grade 11 Student

Never have I seen such excitement and enthusiasm generated amongst my students over a school-related activity….Not only did this workshop do wonders for their actual dancing skills, but the rapid growth in self-confidence, cooperation, motivation, and shared dialogue I witnessed was marvelous!
Grade 11 Dramatic Arts Teacher


Photos by Janice Pomer