Barry Prophet

Barry has been presenting his art to the public since 1977 beginning with publishing small poetry books, live poetry improvisation and works for Theatre. While still writing, Barry began composing music for Theatre & Dance in 1979.

With the co-creation of Ring Chamber with Ian Lazarus in 1983, Barry began creating micro-tonal music for solo and dance performance with Janice Pomer.

Barry continued making Percussion Performance Sculptures, with the Glass Box in 1987, Revolving Tone Door in 1991, Transparent Tone Arch in 1992 and Sonic Hereafter in 1997 while performing original compositions in gallery and concert venues throughout Ontario, Quebec and the USA. Recordings of works performed on these sculptures were launched, Duets with Glass in 1990, and Crystal Bones in 1997. Barry continues to compose for concert, dance and CD projects.


Making chime sculptures of rattan, bamboo, copper & brass from the mid 1980's, Barry moved further in a lyrical sculptural direction with Sonic Hereafter in 1997 and Bamboo Quiver (sculpture for dancer) in 2002. The Quiver Series was established with A Gathering of Quivers in 2005 and continued with Black Quiver in 2007. In 2006 Barry began work on Synthecycletron, a cycle powered interactive electronic sound sculpture completed in the Fall of 2007.


On going projects include Dwellings & Incursions, The Medium is the Method/ Explorations in Sound Sculpture/ Working with Water, Sound Booth and most recently The Chain Reaction Project.


Barry has been offering private classes & education programming since the early 1980's. Ranging from drum kit and world percussion to sound art and sculpture, Barry's instruction combines technical and creative approaches empowering the student to acquire the fundamentals and address the need for artistic expression.


Inquiries regarding Barry's services, CD's and photographs are always welcome.

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Photos by Barry Prophet