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Over decades of teaching Janice has crafted a creative dance pedagogy that inspires and challenges novice and experienced dancers alike.

In 2001 Janice’s first book on movement education was published internationally by Human Kinetics USA. A second book followed in 2009. Other educational writing includes A Classroom Teacher’s Companion to Dance commissioned by the York Region District School Board (2005) provides generalist teachers with structures for facilitating creative movement projects designed to support kinesthetic learning throughout the curriculum, and CanAsian International Dance Festival’s Study Guide (2008) for elementary and secondary schools combines contemporary dance aesthetics with elements of traditional Asian dance, music, art and culture.

Reviews for Perpetual Motion, Creative Movement Exercises for Dance and Dramatic Movement 

If you are teaching dance and/or drama, and especially if you are teaching in the school system, you need this book. Author Janice Pomer gives invaluable ideas for the integrated uses of arts in education.
Dancer Magazine, USA 2002

Fuses modern dance movement with the sensibility of theatrical improvisation.
Dance Spirit, USA 2002

Offers development strategies for creative tasks, with learning outcomes and a clear pedagogical rationale. The focus of each chapter is on stimuli from wide ranging sources, presented within structured frameworks as a guide for teaching imaginative movement.
Royal Academy of Dance UK 2002

Need creative ideas to support your movement lessons? Ms. Pomer has the experience and expertise to provide ideas in a way that will help physical educators with limited experiences in choreography and creative dance...and is non-threatening to either the student or teacher

Her exercises allow for creativity from improvisation to composition, and can be easily adapted or modified to enhance both beginner and advanced dance environments. Each exercise helps students to build new vocabularies for movement and creation. The book follows a developmental pattern, with processes for both classroom work and detailed assignments. Teachers with little dance training will benefit from the clarified description in Pomer’s resource, making it easy to use and comprehend. Teachers with an advanced background will love the methods of original ways of thinking and approaching movement. When using Pomer's book, your students will embark on a fun journey of discovery with the implementation of this resource in their dance environment.
Pulse Dance Resource Website CAN 2008

Reviews for Dance Composition, An Interrelated Arts Approach

Janice Pomer’s Dance Composition, An Interrelated Arts approach is an inspiring book….When teaching arts based learning processes it is a classical educational problem to keep a balance between the structured and already known, and the playfulness and openness that invite participatory creation. Pomer’s book is filled with practical ideas to how you can teach and explore dance and choreography as creative processes of aesthetic learning and communication. It is about creativity in movement and dance as a multidimensional process…. When movement is investigated in this dynamic and holistic way, it raises a lot of interesting questions about the ontology and epistemology in relation to the concept of movement, experience and meaning in education and life.   Lis Engel, Institute of Exercise and Sport Sciences, University of Copenhagen 2010

…takes dancers through the process of observation, exploration, creation and reflection, moving from simple to challenging, and relating ideas such as shape and light in art, time and tone color in music, and emotion and character in literature and drama to dance. Book News USA 2009

An interactive textbook for discovering new ways of movement expression.
Dance Teacher Magazine USA 2009

The book explores the interactive relationship between dance and other contemporary and non-western art forms. It has an equal respect for abstract thought and practical tools to allow students to grasp the power of their own imaginations.  Lin Snelling Department of Drama, Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta 2009

Dance Composition, An Interrelated Arts Approach includes a CD of original compositions created by Barry Prophet and a sound library for students to use to create computer assisted music compositions to support their choreography. Barry’s rhythmic and atmospheric compositions are also available in individual CDs and are wonderful resources for teachers working in dance and dramatic movement.

Music for Dance & Dramatic Movement Vol 1

Music for Dance & Dramatic Movement Vol 2